Frosted Glass Design in Melbourne

When you are looking for window frosting in Melbourne you can’t go past Melbourne Frosted Glass, for the reliable and professional installation of frosted film to your glass windows, doors or partitions. Our frosted window films create glass that can be used in both residential and commercial settings to provide excellent day and night time privacy or as a way to advertise and market your company. We will be able to create almost any type of design on your frosted film by computer, cutting the design into the film before applying it to your windows/doors and the design will only be limited to your imagination. We will even be able to use your company logo and more!

We Offer Exceptional Glass Frosting Installation

When you are looking to liven up your space for your business or looking for privacy in your company or home, obscure window film can be an excellent choice. We are able to offer amazing solutions when you are looking for glass frosting installation and have access to a wide range of brands, like 3M and Metamark. All of our window film comes with a 7-10 year warranty and are available in many different patterns, designs, colours and styles. You will be able to experience privacy without limiting the light that comes in through your windows. In addition, you will also get a 12 month guarantee when it comes to the installation of your window frosting.

Commercial and Residential Window Frosting

We supply and install frosted film for all types of both residential and commercial glass frosting in Melbourne. For commercial use, our service is excellent for both inside of the office as well as when used on outside windows. Glass walls or floor to ceiling length windows can certainly be fitted with film in order to bring the ultimate level of privacy and security whilst still letting light in. If you are looking for a window film that cuts sun glare, we also offer quality window tinting products.

We also offer glass signage and are able to etch or digitally print your corporate logos into the frosting that we can install into your business which not only looks great, but can serve as free advertising, especially when on windows that are facing the street.

For residential customers who are interested in our products, we are pleased to offer services for you as well. We often find new or even older homes with clear glass in front doors, side door panels, toilets and bathroom windows. We are able to install frosted window film to create glass frosting in all types of clear glass windows and doors. This offers an amazing level of day and night time privacy whilst still letting the light in and can help to keep visitors or passer-by from staring directly into your home. Another service that residential customers look for is frosting of the clear glass panels that are often installed on balconies in apartments and townhouses. Of course, we can handle that as well.

When you are looking for exceptional customer service and an outstanding look for your home or office, contact the team here at Melbourne Frosted Glass. From glass signage that promotes your brand, through to obscure window film that delivers privacy at home, we have a product that you will love and that is guaranteed.

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